Ron Wade Custom Surfboards Sydney | History
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Ron Wade Custom Surfboards, Sydney

custom surfboards sydney

Etablished in 1967, Ron Wade headed a highly successful surfboard manufacturing business in Mona Vale on the Northern Beach’s of Sydney. In 1969 he also opened retail shops at Collaroy Beach and due to popularity he opened up a second factory and surf shop on the Gold Coast of QLD.


Ron Wade, shapes all his boards and with the assistance of his Team surfers they contribute to the designing of one of the highest quality and best performance surfboards on the market today. Ron personally pays strict attention to quality control.


So when you purchase a Ron Wade surfboard you are getting over 45 years of shaping and designing experience, NOT a generic shape by people who don’t surf and probably never have. There are many cheap brands on offer today in Australia imported by business people who have very little, or no experience in shaping a performance board, so why risk it? Ron’s reputation for producing high quality performance surfboards has stayed with him for over 45 years.


For the more experienced surfer, why not order a “Custom Surfboard” then you can put your own personal touch into the overall design of your new board.


Contact us for special prices – You may be surprised. NOTE: Not all of our boards are displayed on our website, so if you are in the area pop in and have a look around.