Ron Wade Custom Surfboards Sydney | Ron Wade Testimonials
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Ron Wade Testimonials

“Friendly and genuine customer service…thank you!”

KangarooPouch Beach Resort –

“Great value surfboards suited to all levels of surfing friendly staff and a great range of boards from short boards and fishes to mals and everything in between…”

Glenn Surfalot –

“Complete legend and sick boards. Have had the beast over a year now, and rode it back home there in Oz, here in Wales and Cornwall in the UK, France and in Portugal…. The thing rips. Ron mate thank so much…. Hopefully be back out next year so we’ll catch up in the showroom there soon.”

Peter Jones –

“I first contacted Ron to see if any of 3 partially shaped blanks I found in a council roadside clean-up was worth saving. He was helpful and honest in his opinion, providing some valuable insight into what makes a good board and the potential. He indicated the 8’2” blank was the best option and gave a run down on what he could make of it, cost, and timeframe. Ron spends the time, as I would expect, to get a sense of my experience, surfing preferences and ability which gave me confidence to give the go ahead. A few weeks later, an awesome 8’ mid-length that filled a gap in my quiver. Highly recommended.”

Richard Ball

“I hadn’t seen Ron for a few years until I ran into him at Mona Vale basin back in 2001. He mentioned that he was back in the shaping bay and making boards again. Remembering the quality, he was famous for I decided to order one.
The first board we made was a 9’2″ thruster which he called “The Bull model” Easily the best longboard I had ridden at that time, heaps of paddle momentum with excellent entry rocker and amazing speed out of turns.
Because of the confidence this gave me I started competing again in various local competitions with great success winning Mona Vale Board riders twice and placing 4th in the NSW state titles.
We have built many different boards since refining all the time. It has been a great pleasure to work with Ron over the years for his expert knowledge of surfing and all the support he has given me.”

Tim Hutton

“Ron’s reputation for quality is awesome. After looking at his boards, I decided on the 9’3” “Bull” model, performance wise I was very surprized how quick the board turns and when comparing it to my other longboards. I might add it is very stable when walking up front to nose ride as well.
Ron has got something right here!”

Forrest Park

“A Ron Wade 7’2” and 9’2” cover all my surfing needs. Manoeuvrability, speed and stability and high-quality build are hallmarks of my two Ronnies. I’m loving them. It’s taken my surfing to a whole new level. Thanks Ron.”

Paul Johnson

“My first Ron Wade board was in 1978 and it was my first brand new board. I loved it. The last three years or so, I returned to surfing and again choosing to ride Ron’s boards. I purchased a 7’2” and a 7’6” and I love them both and try to use them both every day. I ride them as quads, however the thruster set up works well too. Both boards are grippy, stable and super responsive for the beach breaks. Back in 1978 I had a 6’8” and I’m considering getting Ron to shape me a new 6’8” before I get too old. I have always been impressed with the quality of Ron’s boards, a great reputation he has earned over the many years.”

Dave Saunders